About Us


We are an insurance & reinsurance broker based in Moldova since 2002

Our outstanding reputation was built on our experience, knowledge and trust.

We are representing the MAI Isurance-Reinsurance Broker in Moldova. With offices in over 23 countries providing insurance and reinsurance services, MAI offers a unique springboard for businesses operating across Central and Eastern Europe.

We strive to grow in power and trust for our local and foreign partners. The secret of our success is our philosophy of doing business:

Closer to You...

The most relevant achievements of our team members are:

1. We are the first local broker involved in reinsurance operation in Moldova . Among our external reinsurance partners we can consider: SOVAG(Hamburg), Munich Re, SCOR(France).

2. Direct involvement in reinstating of Moldovan Green Card Bureau (ARCA) in the Green Card System (International Motor Liability Insurance System) - year 2003

3. Development and launching the first life and critical illnesses insurance product on Moldova market - Year 2002

3. Development and launching of the first Endowment with profit life insurance product in Moldova (as life insurance manager in QBE ASITO Insurance Company) - year 2001

4. Coauthoring in the first in Moldova student insurance handbook "Introduction to insurance", publishing house Policolor, Year 2003, authors: ec. Veaceslav Cernica, dr. Teodor Ungureanu, dr. Stanislav Fotescu.

5. Permanent editorial presence with articles on risk management and insurance in economic magazines.